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Based in the picturesque town of Royal Tunbridge Wells, YaniFit offers residents of all ages tailored and bespoke exercise classes originating from Argentina and around the world.

YaniFit specializes in "Fitness Dance" classes with original classes such as "Salsaton" and "Reggaeton" for adults and our new "Minimambo" classes for children. 

We offer an exciting alternative to the general exercise routine, combining traditional dance methods with low to high intensity sessions, supported by a large energetic and welcoming community.

My name is Yanina and my journey started 12 years ago, when I was as an adventure tour guide in Argentina, I became fascinated by people and by the body in motion. This fascination led me to fitness. I am driven by the belief that people can achieve anything; even things they feel are impossible. This inspired me to create Yanifit; a programme of classes that promote fitness, health and well-being of body and soul.

I have experienced, analysed and adapted every current discipline in movement;

 BodyPump, Bodybalance, aerobics, aqua aerobics, indoor cycling, conditioning, fitness dance and more – with the main focus being exercise through body in fluid movement. This journey has led me to a point in my life where all the knowledge, experiences and memories i have gained are compounding into one chakra of energy; one chakra of fitness movement that works:


The YaniFit Trilogy.


02 The Yanifit Trilogy - Click each one for more info

Adult Fitness Dance Classes

Adult Fitness Dance Classes

Children's Fitness Dance Classes

Every person and each body is unique in their own fascinating ways, this means the diversity in the training methods i deliver is also unique. It is the job of an instructor (my job) to tailor your routine to your natural rhythm and experiences to get the best results possible.


At Yanifit, you are not a customer or another number to add to the roster... You are family. As soon as you walk through the doors of a Yanifit class, you instantly feel welcome as part of the community. 


The care, well being and enhancement for everyone in my community is my most elevated goal. I will take time to learn your individual strengths, weaknesses and motivations to help you to set yourself up for a healthier, happier and more fulfilling future.


03 The ever expanding community

The simplicity and energy of YaniFit is what makes the programme so strong, and encourages results in bodies of all backgrounds, ages and abilities. All we need is a floor and we can do everything from; dance, stretch, perform dynamic movements with resistant stretches and more!

This can all be done separately or in tandem: both classes can be beneficial in their own right, but also perfectly complement each other.

I believe coordination and rhythm make us happy as a whole and help our bodies to be strong, resilient and full of life. This is why I choose a beat, prepare a choreography, and I deliver dance movements in fitness to tick all of those boxes. My classes are very dynamic and change regularly, i find this helps individuals from all backgrounds achieve a full, well-rounded fitness programme, while constantly challenging you to be your best.

Many of us think we have two left feet - This can not be further from the truth!

The moment you walk into a YaniFit class, the Latin beat fills the studio with an intense energy that I use to lift your spirits and soul, enforcing trust in yourself and bringing confidence to move your body with freedom and vitality that you may have never knew you had.


04 Reggaeton


The overall vibe of Reggaeton has been gaining more and more popularity into the main stream media with emerging artists such as; Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Enrique Iglesias, Nicky Jam,and many others.

The Reggaeton class is an intense 45 minute workout incorporating hip hop, Latin american and Caribbean styles creating a dynamic and cardio intensive workout for everyone at all skill levels

Not only is Reggaeton an intense workout, you also get to learn the multicultural influences on the genre of this specific dance, covering Reggae, Salsa, Carribean Socca and Hip-Hop.


Reggaeton is a great way to learn the latest urban dance styles while shaking off the calories as you go. Each choreography scene is designed and based upon the wealth of knowledge and experienced gained by Yanina herself funneled through her passion of dancing to latin beats


05 salsatone


Salsaton is a concoction of mixed classic Latin vibes and rhythms, Perfectly synced together to create an energetic, exciting and dynamic fitness environment

Salsaton consists of 4 main dance fitness components. These are; The rhythm of Merengue - a style of Dominican dance music with an energetic and sometimes frantic tempo of contemporary period music. Salsa - a popular form of social dancing originating from Cuban Folk dances made popular in the west by latin-american dance groups. Argentinian Tango - A popular musical genre originating from Buenos Aires and Montvideo, generally quite a slow dance resembling nostalgia and love. And finally Reggaeton, a fast paced hip hop and latin american style of dancing originating from Puerto Rico.

In this class you will experience 4 styles of fitness dance accompanied by their respected energetic beats from each region. Feel your soul come to life with music and contemporary dance fitness moves anywhere from 130-155BPM. Specifically designed to keeping your cardio up, your body moving and promoting as much fun as you can while you exercise.

Yanifit kids

06 yanifit kids


An energetic and fun filled kids fitness programme which helps children to enjoy physical exercise via creative play. On the premise It is a motivational programme which works on strength, coordination and aerobic fitness and introduces children to the joys of fitness in an new, exciting, upbeat and creative way. 


Incorporating various sports, the children are taught the importance of team work and respect for each other. The emphasis is to focus on the strengths within every child to allow the them to recognise their own strengths, to express themselves and to realise their full potential.

In turn this helps build self confidence and respect for others.

In addition, the course introduces children to the fundamental importance of nutrition and teaches a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Minimambo party

06 minimambo kids party



A Fantastically Fit & Fun party for all kids !


Fantastic team building fun brought to the party. From; games, music, movement and most of all - laughter. MiniMambo works with you to tailor fit the party round your children’s favourite past times, be it a favourite sport or comic book character, a dance or a song. We incorporate new and classic children’s games to provide a unique and special day for your child.

MiniMambo brings an amazing latin vive which will make everyone in the room celebrate, move and enjoy every second of the party.  We offer everything from treasure hunts to pass the parcel and football games to a simple choreographic dance rendition of one of the latest uk radio or films top songs. There is a special treat at the end of every birthday party which is a unique pinata brought all the way from Argentina. 

If you are interested in booking a party, please get in touch using the form below. Minimambo caters to a maximum of 22 children (aged 2-10 years).


07 contact

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Royal Tunbridge Wells

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